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Appleton, Warrington,


Domain Acquisition and Registration

JP Domains offers a specialised domain registration service to help clients acquire previously registered .UK domains when they become available. For a fee (see pricing below) JP Domains will actively monitor the availability of a chosen domain and attempt to register the name on behalf of a client. We will register any names booked via this service under our own registration details and tag (JPDOMAINS) with a commitment to transfer names into a client's name within 5 working days of a successful registration.


Domain Acquisition and Registration

Domain acquisition and first year registration - minimum fee £200.00 - subject to an individual quotation. Domain Transfer - (IPS TAG change) £10.00 per name. Domain renewal (1 year) - £10.00 per year. All clients will be informed by email at least 30 days before a domain is due to expire and a further email sent at least 7 days before expiration of the domain, any domains not renewed will be subject to Nominet's published cancellation procedures - see Terms and Conditions below. No credit facilities are offered and all invoices are due on presentation.


Sales Enquires and Support

All sales enquiries, customer support, complaints or abuse enquiries can be submitted via the contact form ; receipt will be automatically confirmed by email. Contact can also me made by post at the address above, email however is the preferred contact method. Our aim is to provide an initial response within 2 working days from receipt of any communication and target an outcome within 7 working days

T's & C's

Terms and Conditions

We offer the service only for .UK domains registered with the UK domain registry Nominet. All registrations are subject Nominet's terms and conditions for .UK domains domain general information about Nominet and how registrars such as ourselves operate with Nominet can be found here together with links to detailed Nominet terms and conditions.